Study Visits

From left to right: Mohammed, Jyrki, two visitors from Saudi-Arabia and Chris

During my long career as a principal in Finnish basic education I was hosting a huge number of foreign visitors - people, who were interested in the Finnish education system.

Now EduCoOperation is organizing study visits here in Turku region with our partner using their Link & Learn -model.

With Mr. Mrah Mohammed Faouzi and Mr. Christopher Keith I welcome your suggestions for the visits and will formulate the program according to the customer's wishes.

We communicate also in French and Arabic.

Mrah Mohammed Faouzi, Algerian-Finnish high school French and English language teacher for 10 years:

I studied psycho-pedagogy at the university of Sorbonne-Paris and taught for two years English and Arabic there. I studied at the university of Turku, Finland to be first language teacher and as well I got a diploma of school assistant from the same university. I have been working for three years as school assistant, French language assistant and also English teacher at the comprehensive school Vasaramäki Turku, Finland. I worked as a mentor and planner for adult students within a European project at the Adult Education Center of Turku, Finland. Now I am working since 2019 at a special education school as a parallel teacher. I have had so many interventions and participation in conferences, seminars and colloquiums at the level of education and learning department in so many countries.  

Christopher Keith, American-Finnish teacher for 15 years in Finnish basic education:

"Originally an environmental consultant from California, I began my teaching career in Finland in 2006. Working primarily as an English teacher for L1 and L2 students in Turku's "native language" instruction program, I also teach in primary and adult education classrooms. My background working with issues of environmental science and social justice have steered me toward international cooperation programs. It has been my privilege to work with school-2-school projects overseas and as an on site liaison for international visitors -- helping them to make the most of their experiences in Finnish schools."