World Vision

I’m personally a sponsor of two children in Kenya. In the co-operation with two developmental programs of World Vision Kenya I’m helping them to discover their dreams.

As a principal I was building a network for partnerships between schools in Finland and Kenya under the authority of World Vision Finland. I have been establishing and running  a developmental partnerships between Vasaramäki Comprehensive School in Turku, Finland and Chepyuan Primary School in Mogotio, Kenya. 

Growing together - Vasaramäki and Chepyuan together

EduCoOperation is one of the sponsors behind the essential renovation of the building for TBA School in Korokocho - one of the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. We wish all our business partners will join this project!


The history of TBA-school in nutshell by Mr. Sune Lehkonen - one of my guiding lights in the co-operation with World Vision:

"The TBA School - Traditional Birth Attendants - started in 1989 as a feeding centre aiming at providing basic nutritional needs for the HIV / AIDS -orphans and destitute children also by giving them equal opportunity to attend their primary education studies. The TBA’s were trained on safe delivery and motherhood by the World Vision Kenya. They were also assisted to purchase a plot by the World Vision where a centre with a classroom and a kitchen were established.

Currently the school caters for 250 children, ten teachers, one kitchen staff and a night guard."

Through EduCoOperation I still want to support World Vision’s valuable work in Kenya. 

Education is the very foundation of health and wellbeing.  A good management and leadership on the school level is most important. I’m very interested in mentoring school heads and their staff in order to help them to develop the schools  they work for. After my long career as a principal here in Finland I have developed with some of my colleagues a process for that. It has been tested here in Finland  already and the results have been encouraging.